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Help Me Change People’s Lives…..Vote Every Day

February 12, 2014
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FedEx ADHD ImageI am incredibly excited to be one of the small businesses vying for the FedEx Small Business Grant program this year (you can learn the specifics of this program at the bottom of this post.

The grand prize of $25,000 would be transformative for my business and in order to inspire people to vote for me every day I wanted to expand upon the information provided on the Turning Leaf voting page.    In order to qualify for the grant, each small business had to answer three questions.  These questions and my expanded answers are below.  I hope you will take one minute every day for the next week and a half to cast your vote to help me change the lives of those with ADHD and PTSD.


You can vote here.


You can also Like my Facebook Page where I am making it incredibly easy to vote by posting a link every day.


So without further ado, this is what the money will mean to me and my business.


What inspired you to get into the business you are in today?

At age 36 I was diagnosed with ADHD and it changed almost everything in my life. I found that the resources available for adults with ADHD were very limited and I made it my mission to change that. I am very passionate about raising ADHD awareness and removing the stigma associated with having a brain that works differently than other brains. There is nothing more rewarding than helping an adult, a parent, or a family learn to thrive with ADHD even though they live in a non-ADHD world.

But ADHD isn’t the only mental health condition that has impacted my life.  My mother was in a tragic car accident when I was in my early teens which left me with a long lasting case of PTSD.  Over the past four years I have had the privilege to witness how my personal experiences with ADHD paired with my style of coaching has changed the lives of the people I have worked with.  As I think of all the veterans, abuse survivors, and others suffering from PTSD, I feel called to find a way to help in that area as well.

As the wife of a man with Asperger’s Syndrome, I am painfully aware of how few resources there are for adults with the condition.  The more I learn about the challenges Asperger’s adults, their spouses, and their families face, the more drawn I am to create a program tailored to that area as well.

As I look to the future, I hope to expand my coaching practice to provide more services to those with ADHD, those dealing with PTSD, and eventually to those with Asperger’s Syndrome.

How do you define success for yourself and for your business?

As part of the decision to leave my very lucrative career in Information Technology to follow my passion and create a business focused on helping others, there were three things that I felt I had to have in order to feel successful.  I am happy to say that four years in, they are still the same three things.

 1. Operating in a way that aligns to my values which means not taking clients that I don’t think I can help, offering sliding scale/reduced fees for those who can benefit from what I do but who cannot afford it, and basing my business decisions on what is right rather than on what will increase profits.

2. Helping as many people/ families with ADHD as possible to build successful lives.  For me, this also means making sure my clients are getting value for their money and benefiting from my coaching.

3. Being profitable enough that I can afford to do pro-bono work.

If you take those three together, what success truly means to me is being able to use the skills and gifts that I have to help others in a way that I can always be proud of while also being able to support my family financially.

How would you use the FedEx SMB Grant money to make a significant impact on your business and/or on others?

This grant would allow me to do three significant things.

1. Enhance my education so that I can bill through insurance companies and significantly increase the number of people for whom coaching is accessible/affordable. What this really means is that a portion of the money would go towards paying tuition in a Master’s of Social Work program on the road to becoming a licensed therapist.  One of my greatest frustrations since starting my business has been the number of people who cannot get the benefit of coaching, which is the second most effective treatment for adult ADHD after medication, because it is not covered by insurance and therefore cost prohibitive.  I do what I can to charge lower rates and provide a sliding scale but there are some people whose lives could be changed for the better who will never be able to access these kinds of services unless I can bill their insurance.  In order to do that I need to be licensed.  

2. Offer more free ADHD Awareness and educational seminars for schools, businesses, and other organizations.


This is something I already do on a limited basis.  A portion of the money would be put toward arranging more free programs to help raise awareness for ADHD.

3. Expand my business to include working with those with PTSD to manage and overcome this debilitating disorder, especially former Iraq/Afghanistan veterans.

This really ties back to number 1 which would provide me with the appropriate skills and background to expand my practice to include PTSD and Aspergers.

Fedex Vote

You can vote here.

FedEx Small Business Grant Details 


Vote for your favorite small business to win a grant.

Thousands of small businesses have entered the contest. Your vote can help your favorite small business win:

  • The grand prize of $25,000
  • One of four first-place grants of $5,000
  • One of five second-place grants of $1,000

The number of votes a business receives will boost its visibility in the contest and is one factor that FedEx will consider when selecting the top 100 finalists and the winners. We will review every submission to identify the most compelling business stories.

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