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ADHD in the News – I Guess It Really Can Make You Fat!!

January 23, 2014

Funny Fat ADHDFor those of us who are sporting a few extra pounds, it is always nice to have someone or something else to blame.  For me, one of the best things about my ADHD diagnosis was being able to blame it for all the things I wasn’t very good at!  And now, thanks to the wonders of science and those fabulous people who have a long enough attention span to do comprehensive research, I don’t have to murmur things about big bones or bad genes anymore….I can just blame my ADD!

The study followed a group of boys who had been diagnosed with ADHD as children for more than 30 years and included a series of checkpoints where each participant answered questions about their lives and symptoms.  When the ADHD participants turned 18, a control group of young men without ADHD was added to the study to enable accurate comparisons.  By the time the entire group reached their 40’s, twice as many of the men who were diagnosed with ADHD as children had a body mass index indicating they were obese.  And this was seen across the board regardless of whether or not the men were still experiencing ADHD symptoms.

Wow!  I guess I had it right last year when I wrote about how ADHD complicates my weight management problem in “I Would Never Have Known I Was Fat if it Wasn’t For My Wii“.

But, despite my glee at being able to blame the size of my butt on my ADHD, it doesn’t give me an excuse to be overweight….just more information on what keeps getting in the way of changing that condition.  And information is power, especially when you have ADHD, because it helps you figure out how to get where you need to be when the paths other people take just don’t work for you.

Read the original article I read on Scientific American.

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