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The First Step

July 19, 2013

Over the past year I have been the lucky beneficiary of several life management lessons generously provided by the universe.

You could also say that the universe has been beating the crap out of me in an effort to help me move farther along on my life path.

But like all things, its all in how you look at it. 

In recent weeks, I have been pondering the events of the past 12 months, looking for meaning, trying to distill the sometimes random, often meaningful, frequently trying events into something usable, something tangible, something that I can grab hold of and do something purposeful with.  Here is what I found.

Awareness is the key to happiness.
Awareness is the key to self-discovery.

Awareness is both the journey and the destination.

It is at the root of everything that matters.

That is a big statement, I know.  But it needs to be.

Time and again as I delve into the depths of what it is that defines me, the one thing that breaks the pattern, opens the next opportunity, and provides a gentle nudge or a flashing neon sign to point me down the path I need to travel along has been a new sense of awareness.  It may be a gradual feeling of coming to my senses as old behavior’s that no longer suit who I am fall away.  It can be a crushing tidal wave that pounds into me, setting me adrift, and leaving me searching for shore.  It can make me feel like I am strapped into a tilt-a-whirl that has been spinning so fast I didn’t notice it was moving until it suddenly stopped and left me dizzy and disoriented.  And it can also feel like finding the last piece of the puzzle and sliding it into place creating a moment where everything is simply right in the world.

Awareness is the first step. 

It is also the last step and it makes up several of the steps in between. It is the hardest step and the easiest step and the step that will trip you up every time you take your eyes off the road.

Some might argue that awareness is the result of self-discovery, that awareness is what you get from initiating self-change.

I can only disagree.

To me, you cannot possibly hope to change something about yourself – your weight, your relationships, your job, your bad habits or your outdated patterns – until you are aware of what it is about that part of you or your life that makes you want to change it.  How can you possibly lose weight if you are unaware of why you are overweight, of what you are eating, of how your lifestyle is affecting your body?  You can sign-up for every celebrity-sponsored weight management program on the planet, pay every penny you have, and be totally committed to making the change and you will still fail over the long term.

You will fail…….Unless you can sit quietly with yourself, look deep inside, and allow yourself to be become truly aware of what is holding you back.

Only then will all the strategies and plans and goals and decisions make a difference.\

Take the first step…..

To find out how to take that first step toward your goal, contact me today.

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