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Parenting ADHD: When Making Friends is Hard Work

October 3, 2012

It can be devastating to both parents and children when ADHD or Asperger’s gets in the way of building and maintaining social relationships.  Many adults with ADHD list this as one of their most challenging areas because they weren’t able to develop the same skills others did as children and are often at a loss for how to handle interpersonal interactions that are second nature to most adults.

There is a great article in ADDitude magazine called “Why ADHD Children Have a Hard Time Making Friends” that provides additional insight and resources for parents to help their children overcome these types of challenges.  It is a beneficial read for adults with ADHD who struggle to make friends and maintain relationships as it can offer insight into the possible root causes of their difficulties.

As mentioned in the article, there are some great books that can also be beneficial in working on the issue of making and keeping friends including It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend by Richard Lavoie and Maybe You Know My Teen by Mary Fowler.

For assistance in identifying and overcoming challenges with social interactions in your life, contact me today to see how I can help.

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