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Taking Stock

August 19, 2011

I recently read an article in one of the magazines piled in my office about the things every woman should know about themselves.  The author explained that her experience dealing with a serious health crisis and overcoming a long term illness forced her to take stock of her life in a way she never had before and that most of us never do.

I have found that troublesome times can lead to significant self discovery and crisis can cause you to question things that were once immutable.  While these may be the silver linings within those dark clouds, if I were to choose when and how I want to re-evaluate my life, face my fears, and come to terms with things I may not like about myself, I would not choose to do it when the world is crumbling around me.  I would prefer to stand on solid ground before ure and surround myself with support for the times that I might falter or fall.

The process of peeling back the layers of your life and learning about the person you are right now can be as painful as it is positive.  Putting your beliefs, prejudices, preconceived notions, assumptions, fears, values, and truths on the table in order to look at them in a new light and see how they stand up against challenges and questions is no one’s idea of a good time.  But in this connected world we live in, knowledge is power and what knowledge could be more powerful than knowing yourself.

Call today to find out how I can help you take stock.

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Turning Leaf Life Coaching specializes in working with people who are managing or impacted by ADHD and those dealing with life transitions.  Visit for more information or email to request a consultation.

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